Machine-first identity security.

Securing your cloud environment starts with protecting the identities – human, and non-human – that access your machines. Discover how our machine-first approach solves this for you.

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How Token Security works


Reveal all identities
in your cloud environment.

From cloud-native identities to Kubernetes, databases, applications, workloads, and servers. Token deeply analyzes all levels of your cloud environment using agentless scanning and log analysis.

Creating a comprehensive map of all non-human, and human, identities that exist and that have the ability to access your systems.


Uncover who owns and
who uses each identity.

Token then collects attribution data about the human owners of each identity, which machines are dependent on each identity, and where and how each identity is being used.

This includes each identity’s entitlements and their pathways across your infrastructure.


Prioritize risks with richly detailed information.

With all the information laid out in front of you clearly, Token shows you your attack surface and security posture with rich details – including where and how identities are exposed. Like whether they’ve been granted too many permissions, don’t have MFA enabled, or if their keys aren’t rotated.

So you can prioritize your risks – without drowning in alerts.


Secure your accounts without breaking anything.

Token then underpins the remediation process, supporting you in resolving your identity exposure by directing the right people to fix it, and serving you with contextualized information alongside playbooks and best practices, updated intel, and beyond.

So you can remediate exposures safely, and efficiently – as you know precisely how the changes will impact the production environment.

Slips seamlessly into your tech stack

Token Security integrates with your cloud environment and identity providers to make sure you’re covered from all angles. Period.

Cloud Account
Identity Provider
Additional Context

The Token difference

Cover all identities.
All the time.

Token Security is deeply connected to all levels of your cloud environment so it never misses a thing – and neither do you.

Focus on
what’s critical.

Risk prioritization makes sure you stay focused on remediating the exposures that actually affect your organization.

Act fast when
action’s needed.

With Token embedded into your workflows, proactively securing all types of identities is easier than it sounds.

Robust support
for the enterprise.

Token is designed to support the scale of operations and strict security standards of the world’s most competitive enterprises.



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